Monday, March 29, 2010

Updated : Pre-Booking Part III

Hi gals !

we have managed to grab more Smocked babydoll flared sleeve maxi in 2 new colours !
Purple & Blue and also the basic black which has been garnering so much love from you girls :)

so, items are all on pre booking basis, will be arriving in another 2 weeks or so.
hurry and place your order now ! some items are strictly not restockable.


*comes in either one of the bust designs as shown above

Red roses spaghetti strapped

item : LR 087

length : 56"

fits UK 8-14



Babydoll flared sleeve maxi

item : LR 005

length : 53 "

Fits UK 8-12 / S-L


Babydoll flared sleeve maxi in BLUE

item : LR 086

length : 52"

fits UK 8-14


Babydoll flared sleeve maxi in PURPLE

item : LR 085

length : 52"

fits UK 8-14


*each dresses might come in either one of the bust design [as per above]

Ocean blue spaghetti strapped maxi

item : LR 084

length : 52"

fits UK 8-14


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Edit : Arrived !

Hi gals,

maxi from batch 1 has arrived !

will be posting them out by today. as for item LR 034, they'll b arriving in 3 days time.

thank you for your patience !


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Awesome Links

Hi peeps !

Found some awesome links & thought you guys should check it out :)

For additional beauty tips, just point to the below links :

- Men's Style tips [ awesome tips given ! ]

- CLICK HERE = beauty tips

- CLICK HERE = make-up beautiful

Thanks for the support !


xoxo LR

Friday, March 19, 2010


Hi gals,

prior to the mails sent out, we are terribly sorry for the slight delay from the arrival of the maxi dresses.
we have checked with the supplier and they have informed us that they have sent the parcel & its on its way to us to arrive maybe for another week.

but, no worries, we will keep you gals an update whenever we got one.
if there is anything you are still curious about, please do not hesitate to mail us. we will reply to all your emails.

thank you & truly apologize for the inconvenience!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taking orders !

Hi girls,

we're taking orders for the 2 items below, Babydoll Flared Sleeve Maxi & Collared Deep V Maxi :) both pieces are in limited quantities only so if you're interested, hurry & place your order! We will reserve for you once the stocks are available at the supplier side & get them shipped to us ASAP!


Prices are raised a little due to the standard shipping & handling cost that is included.

mail us now! @

Monday, March 1, 2010

Updates soon!

Hi gals,

updates will up pretty soon !
for those of you interested, do mail us because stocks are running out fast at the supplier already :/

promotion still valid.

mail us quick ! :)