Thursday, September 6, 2012

We're back :)

Assalamualaikum & Greetings girls!

How is life treating you lately?
I'm truly sorry for the sudden disappearance of La Robe & Le Clothes. I hope you understand because I am handling a few businesses under my wing & juggling that with studies, is definitely not an easy task. I would like to thank those that have been my loyal buyers since day 1.. Truly thankful for that.

As of currently, I'm trying to revive back this page, insyallah, bit by bit, back to how it was before. With that, I currently have two pieces of the famed Babydoll Flared sleeve maxi dress in Black. Its going at RM 65 inclusive of postage, so inbox us now!

Babydoll flared sleeve maxi dress in black

Length : 56 inches

RM 65 
with postage

*Inbox us at for orders/inquiries

Thanks & have a great day!