Sunday, June 6, 2010

Updated : Basic Cotton Leggings

Hi loves !

status : currently all sold ! mail for restocks :)

We would like to intro one item that has been a long time favourite for us to throw on when we have one of the 'i-don't-have anything-to-wear' days.

Its the infamous leggings !
Based on personal experience, we've been using this legging for quite sometime now, and it's honestly really comfy :)

The quality is actually comparable to that of Zara's & other high end stores.
Plus a major bonus is that it isn't that hot when worn either.

It is actually made of 95% Cotton & 5% Polyester Spandex.
If you're interested, just mail us & we'll guide you through the whole process :)
you can also mail us for details & whatnots.

We're currently having a introductory price promotion for it

RM 25 including posekspress !

we'll be doing a pre order basis first but not to worry, instead of the usual 2-3 weeks waiting time. This time round, its only 1 week or less :)
If the response is good, we'll be offering more leggings/tights varieties.

gorgeous streetstyle by fashionistas

Mail us now if you don't wanna miss this chance :)


till then,


  1. These cotton leggings are definitely in style right now, and I really don't think they're going anywhere.

  2. Absolutely! We truly agree with you. It's comfy yet chic at the same time.