Thursday, July 29, 2010

Come one, come all !

Hi peoplee :)

We'll be at Rasta TTDI this 7th & 8th of August(SAT&SUN) to celebrate the oncoming Ramadhan month :D
So do drop by alrite ! Will be bringing in shoes, maxi dresses, skirts & a whole lotta stuff at a bargain ! It'll be our first to we're really excited about it :)
It's from 12pm-6pm so hop on by !

See you there ! XX

Till then,


  1. alamak, how could i miss you guys just now ): tak dapat beli apa2 from la-robe now. hehe. will you guys be there on the upcoming weekends?

  2. Hi ! Alaa no, we was there 7th & 8th je :( But don't worry ! We're thinking of joining other bazaars soon so drop by then :D